Another Giveaway for You!

Here is a quick update while my InfoFast and birthday month are winding down; I want to let you know about another Contest!  This time you could win two autographed books from me. One lucky winner (residing in the US) will get a signed copy of 200 Powerful Positive Affirmations and 6 Simple Tips to Put Them to Work (For YOU!) as well as the follow-up, 200 Powerful Positive Affirmations Volume II and 6 Super Chargers to Put Them to Work.

For this you need to enter a photograph or image and the image with the most likes wins!

Click here for all the details and to enter. The same link will let you vote on submissions. Voting is open through August 6, 2014.

For those of you in New England, be sure to check out Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life beginning on August 6 at Circles of Wisdom in Andover Ma.

Live Workshops This August at Circles of Wisdom

I’m returning to Circles of Wisdom in Andover, Ma this August for my 3 week course, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life. It kicks off on Wednesday, August 6th at 7pm. Class #2 is August 13th and the course wraps up on August 20th. Register at

I’m also premiering my latest course, Advanced eBook Publishing: Marketing & Promotion on August 27th.

If you yearn for a life of balance and purpose, if you find yourself struggling with challenges that seem out of your control, if you want to set new goals and dreams for the future… Infinite Possibilities is for you!

Infinite Possibilities is all about discovering how life works, that you are a powerful creator, and that your thoughts become the things in your life.


Advanced eBook Publishing: Marketing & Promotion is the follow-up to my popular Introduction to eBook Publishing workshop, but there are no prior requirements to taking this course. Whether you have already published eBooks or are just thinking about it, it is never to early to plan your marketing and promotions. Register at


Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer

Information Integration

I spent the past three days at Kate Beeders‘ live event in Boston and made this quick video on my way home to share my way of processing and integrating new information.

Any time you take in new information, it is important to find a way to integrate it so you can process your new knowledge and put it into action.

I find that Metallica always helps.

What works for you?

InfoFast Time!

As a birthday gift to myself, I’ve declared an Information Fast (or InfoFast for short) for the entire month of July!

This means saying “No” to any new free webinars, teleclasses, seminars or information products. I’ll be honoring all my already scheduled events, but nothing new butts in for the month. I’m going to focus on everything I already know and everything I already have.

Is there some sort of fast you would like to take part in?
What are you doing simply because you are so used to doing it?

Watch the video and leave a comment.

It’s My Birthday, But You Get The Gift!

Woohoo! Happy Birthday to me!

One of my favorite things is doing Akashic Records Readings so I’ve decided to do a quick contest and give away a full 60 minute session (normally $150). You can enter until 11:45pm EST on Friday, July 4th. The winner will be randomly selected on July 6th.

Entering is super simple.

Just click on this link, like my Facebook page, share it via Facebook or Twitter and you are in.

Win A Akashic Records Reading