Akashic Goodness

I don’t know about you, but this year feels like it is flying by at a dizzying pace. It’s been this crazy level of busy that feels awesome.

Akashic Records with Andy GrantLast weekend I took part as an exhibitor and speaker at the Pump Up Your Life Expo in Lexington Ma. It was my first time with a booth at any sort of event and I had a great time talking about the Akashic Records, and meeting so many smiling, sweaty people (it was a very warm building). I signed some copies of Still Here: How to Succeed at Life After Failing at Suicide, raffled off an Akashic Records Reading and gave a 30 min talk, “What The Akashic Records Want You to Know.” I also did some quick demo readings as part of my presentation. At the end of my talk I noticed a few minutes left on the clock and I tried to squeeze one more reading in. I was half way thru the prayer, really rushing it, and feeling nervous when I got a Clear NO. Abort this.

OK, I listened and told the volunteer that I got a clear “no” to trying to cram this in. She was apologizing to me and I’m apologizing to her, but I was actually psyched because I’d never had that experience before where the Records knew something wasn’t going to work and gave me a clear, “Nope, not gonna happen.”

I left the presentation room and went back to my vendor table upstairs and noticed something felt stuck in my throat. I kept having this cough I couldn’t shake. Tried drinking water, kept feeling like it was going down the wrong pipe. This feeling lasted for close to 40 minutes and it seemed like it was somehow from the aborted Akashic Records reading. Eventually it passed and I almost forgot all about it.

The next day at home I dump out all the entries for a free 60 minute Akashic Records Reading and I randomly pick a name; Michelle Corey. Michelle was the final volunteer at the workshop that I tried to cram in. My jaw dropped and I called her right away to let her know she won. It was so wild.

I had such a good time I even drew a 2nd name for a free 30 min session and that went to Lisa Heffley. Lisa was one of the last people I spoke to that day and she even asked if I would do a quick little reading right there at my table. I declined, but she won the unplanned 2nd giveaway. I couldn’t dare make this up if I tried.

I shared a special offer at the event and because I so love working in the Records, here it is for everyone. There is also a brief video about the records here as well if you aren’t familiar with them.

My next expo appearance is Sunday, June 28 in Hampton Beach NH. Come out and explore all the cool exhibitors. I’ll be selling some of my books and raffling off another free Akashic Reading, and perhaps doing some mini-readings if you ask nice 🙂

Loving Life Expo

Spiritual Business Abundance & Networking Group Kicks Off June 3, 2015

I’m thrilled to be facilitating an ongoing group at Circles of Wisdom in Andover Ma for budding or active heart-centered entrepreneurs, which will focus on business building and networking. The Spiritual Business Abundance & Networking Group will meet the first Wednesday of June and July and beyond if there is demand.

Circles of Wisdom, Andover, Massachusetts
Register at: http://www.circlesofwisdom.com/Spiritual_Business_Abundance__P6721.cfm
Begins: Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Arrive early, if you can, for optional networking time from 6:30-7:00 pm. The actual program will begin at 7:00 pm and run until 9:00 pm.

June 3 Topic: Multiple Streams of Revenue. The key to any successful business is having multiple streams of income, ideally multiple streams of passive income. Too many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trading their time for money.

July 1 Topic: The Power of Video. Video is one of the most powerful ways you have to connect with your prospects, clients and partners. Are you using video in growing your business? Are you using video at all?

Join with a community of like-minded individuals who either run a business utilizing their gifts, or are starting one. Sit in the vibration of abundance together. Join with peers in a joyous, and at times, poignant look at what we are all doing with our own businesses. Allow the power of the group to reinforce concepts and tools that create greater success and freedom for yourself, and add more value to your clients and customers. Each month at least one attendee will have their business in the “hot seat” to share their successes and challenges and receive group feedback.

Bring your business questions to this monthly gathering and be open to new insights. The more you share, the more you will receive. In these monthly meetings we will review basic tools, concepts, and strategies to equip you to deal with some common business challenges, obstacles, and frustrations. Discussion will ensue on how to deal with practical and strategic issues more effectively, transforming your business and your life.

Networking is a valuable component of this group and a powerful business builder. You will have the opportunity to support and empower one another by sharing experiences and collaborating. There will be 30 minutes (6:30 – 7:00) prior to group each month set aside for networking. If you have marketing material of your own to share it is advised that you bring at least 20 copies of your business materials to each class to distribute and arrive in the networking time to connect with others. Each participant will leave with contact information from other group members (who choose to participate). Be sure and bring plenty of business cards.

The Spiritual Business Abundance & Networking Group will be held on the first Wednesday of each month beginning in June, 2015. This class is suitable for individuals just getting their business off the ground as well as for more seasoned practitioners.

Circles of Wisdom, Andover, Massachusetts
Begins: Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Arrive early for optional networking time from 6:30-7:00 pm. The actual program will begin at 7:00 pm and run until 9:00 pm.


Introduction to eBook Publishing returns to Circles of Wisdom in Andover, Ma

Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Series: Introduction to eBook Publishing with Andy Grant

Circles of Wisdom, Andover, Massachusetts
Register here: http://www.circlesofwisdom.com/Heart-Centered_Entrepreneur_Se_P6648.cfm
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Now is your time to join the ranks of international best-selling authors. Really! This is more than possible as a result of attending Introduction to eBook Publishing.

This evening workshop is for anyone who has thought about writing a book. With so many people now reading from electronic devices instead of actually purchasing books the world of eBooks is exploding. In addition, publishing your own eBook is so much easier than the often long and drawn-out process of publishing a traditional book.

In this class we’ll explore:

  • Why you should want to write an eBook
  • Differences between eBooks and traditional books
  • How to get world’s biggest store working for you
  • Formats, tools, & templates
  • And much more

Join me for this enlightening class as we learn more about the many advantages of eBook Publishing on Wednesday May 6, 2015.

Hope to see you soon!

Circles of Wisdom, Andover, Massachusetts
Register here: http://www.circlesofwisdom.com/Heart-Centered_Entrepreneur_Se_P6648.cfm
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Still Here: How to Succeed in Life After Failing at Suicide Available for Kindle and Paperback

Still Here book coverI have been so thrilled and blown away by the early reaction to my latest book, Still Here: How to Succeed in Life After Failing at Suicide. It hit the Amazon best seller list in the US, Canada, UK and Australia and has been called “astonishing” “a must read” “raw inspiration” and “powerful and life-changing.”

Still Here is available as a Kindle eBook and in paperback.

Here is a small sample of the reviews.

“Where does the doubt and darkness come from? How do you cope and endure? Andy’s story isn’t a tidy tale wrapped up with a bow. He faced ups and downs. He documents everything, along with all the ways he’s mounted his comeback. A reader might be frustrated in Andy’s inability to name one main problem or one best solution in his battles. But this is real life and real writing.” ~A Reader in Iowa

OUTSTANDING! As an Emergency Medicine physician, I see MANY many people contemplating suicide. I will recommend this to them all!
This book is a MUST read for every doctor, and ANYone who has ever had even the slightest of anxiety or hopelessness about anything.” ~Dr. Kim D’Eramo

“Regardless of the level or degree to which we have personally dealt with any of these feelings, the fact remains that ultimately we desire to feel and live happier and more fulfilled lives. If you agree, this book will serve you well. It sure has served me well.” ~CLB

“What an astonishing book – Andy Grant has opened up a doorway into the deepest darkest place any person could go and has illuminated that space with radiant light and masterful tools for navigating.  Thank you Andy for your courage and your commitment to being a channel for change.” ~Amethyst Wyldfyre

“I feel anyone would benefit from the knowledge and wisdom within these pages whether or not suicide or serious depression has touched your life.” ~Sheree A. Henry

“Still Here by Andy Grant, is an amazingly motivating and uplifting book.

This book contains the most important tips and methods that Andy has used to defeat his problems. Whether you or anyone you know is suffering from depression or suicide thoughts, or is influenced by those two things in any way – you will find help in this book.

The book is well written in a great, casual, blunt tone that makes it feel like Andy is right there, helping you out.” ~James H. Mayfield

More Reviews of Still Here


Meet Craig Miller

Being a suicide attempt survivor isn’t the sort of club that anyone longs to be part of, but it has allowed me to become friends with some amazing people, including Craig Miller. Craig is a fellow attempt survivor, speaker and author. Watch this video and learn more about Craig at ThisIsHowItFeels.com