The Messenger’s Path

Many people new to the entrepreneurial messenger’s path expect it to be a linear progression. After all, if you are doing heart-centered work, taking actions inspired by your soul’s purpose, surely the Universe itself will align everything to give you a smooth and easy rise to stardom. In my experience – not quite.


No matter how big a leader or celebrity in any field is, there are plenty of people who’ve never heard of him. I still come across people who’ve never heard of Wayne Dyer or Louise Hay, and it amazes me. A couple of years ago I met author/teacher Brendon Burchard at an event and I wasn’t familiar with him at all, which astounded everyone around me.

Also, no matter how “small” you might think you are, if you’ve released a book, taught a class, written a blog… you are a big deal to someone else. I teach workshops on ebook publishing and I tell people each time that publishing a book makes you a celebrity. Most don’t believe that until they hear from their first raving fan – a stranger whose life they positively impacted who reaches out to the author to let them know how much the person enjoyed their work. I still remember the first strangers who told me they’d seen one of my videos and read one of my books.

All the biggest names in any field did not begin with standing room only audiences, or books debuting at #1 on the best-sellers list. The messenger’s path is not a straight line. It has dips, curves, bumps and even such heavy road construction that you’ll be wondering why you ever dared travel down this road. It also has amazing highs, deep pockets of fulfillment, onslaughts of meaning and much more that make the journey very much worth it. You didn’t choose what you love to do, what you love to do chose you!

I recently had a workshop that nobody showed up for. Not long ago, that would have really bothered me and had me questioning what I was offering and if I was wasting my time. But I have learned that interest does not equal availability. People could be very interested in seeing you speak or taking your workshop, but they don’t have the time available that matches yours. So instead of giving up, offer it again. And again. And again.

I once taught a full-day workshop to a single student. I’ve also prepared content for a new 3-hour workshop that nobody signed up for. In that situation since I had all the material done, I made that my first online, on-demand class. And the full-day program for one was a tremendous value to that one student and it gave me another chance to improve my presentation skills. There really are no missteps, if we make the best of each situation. See the gift in what first seemed a disaster, and most importantly don’t take it personally. For that is the messenger’s path.

Blabbing about Real Men Feel with Shawna Pelton

Last week I was the guest of metaphysical healer and coach, Shawna Pelton, on her weekly Blab show. We had a fun discussion and talked about my Real Men Feel movement and To Be A Man workshops.

Check Shawna out at and join the Real Men Feel Facebook group.

Be sure and catch my weekly Real Men Feel shows too.

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To Be A Man: Live Workshop in Andover MA on May 6

What does it mean to be a man? Have you ever taken some time to ponder that?

Are you living your own definition of being a man or someone else’s?

Do you sometimes wonder if you are a “real” man or what that term even means?

Too many men I meet say they don’t have a place or a friend to talk to about what is really important to them; their goals, their fears… whatever it might be. If you ever wished you had a place to share your fears, stresses and worries with other men, this is your chance.
Join me Friday, May 6 at Circles of Wisdom and explore what it means To Be A Man.

To Be A Man
Friday, May 6, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)
Circles of Wisdom
457 Great Road
Andover, MA

Register Here

7:00 pm-9:00 pm Workshop

“What a great class! Tackled the tough topics…Andy has a way of simplifying things and motivating his audience. I applaud his “guts” for getting a group of men together, taking on such topics, and helping us feel more hu- man.”

Real Men Support Each Other

King of Authenticity

One of my absolute favorite things is doing Akashic Records readings. In fact, I’ve just gotten home from a two-day advanced class on Healing Through the Akashic Records. The work I did on myself this weekend confirmed the importance of authenticity to me, as well as how important being authentic is to all the work I do with my clients.

At the end of 2015 I was getting lots on intuitive hits, and messages in the Akashic Records, about creating programs and events for men. Out of the initial musings came a workshop I call, To Be A Man, and the phrase “Real Men Feel” which has since become a Facebook group and weekly Blab show.

What does it mean to be authentic? The definition is; not false or copied; genuine; real.

For me, being inauthentic means being afraid to be who I really am, feel what I feel, and express what I think. I now see that my inability to be authentic, to share what I felt and thought, was a root cause of my depression and suicidal thoughts while growing up.

I also see why as I step into owning and embodying my authenticity more and more that I’m called to support men more. Men are taught many things – most of them are about playing a role, putting on masks, faking it, being anything but genuine, real, and authentic. At the foundation of Real Men Feel is permission for every man to be their authentic selves. Being a “real man” doesn’t mean acting like anyone else. It means being you.

CrownThere was another term I received in my records a few months ago that I’m finally ready to own too. I hereby dub myself; The King of Authenticity. Your worship is not required, but you are certainly encouraged to follow my lead and be authentically you.

My wedding was a costume party and I was a medieval king. So even before I was consciously stepping into my authenticity, I was dressing the part.