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father and son

"You're Just Like Your Father!"

Did you hear, "You're just like your father!" often when growing…

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Who's 55?

55 Things I'm Grateful For

55 things I’m grateful for that would’ve surprised me at…

To All The Good Men of The World

Father's Day is one of those days that seems to upset as many…

The Interview That Ended My Policy of Always Saying Yes

For years, I've had a standing policy of saying yes to every…

Recent Guest Appearances

I continue to be honored with many invites to appear on various…

From Suicide to Racism: Talking About It All

I had the pleasure of guesting on a couple of podcasts that were…
racism is a virus

Am I Racist?

I've long said that we are all racist. Nobody wants to own up…
Real Men Feel podcast

Podcasts Galore

There's been no shortage of news, challenges, and opportunities…
The grave of Hazel Reed, my great grandmother.

Ancestral Healing

I went for seven months without a blog post this year. Not because…
Mr. Rogers

It Is A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I went to see the movie A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood,…

The Table

This is a handmade mosaic table of the Tree of Life we bought…
Deep thoughts

To Be More or Not To Be More

With all due apologies to Shakespeare, that is the real question.…