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The grave of Hazel Reed, my great grandmother.

Ancestral Healing

I went for seven months without a blog post this year. Not because…

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Astral Travel - and Away We Go!

Astral Travel Time This past weekend I took part in a two-day…
No Longer Lost

Venturing into the Unknown

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and…

How Are You Treating Yourself This Holiday Season?

In this joyous, fun, celebratory season, have you been thinking…

Learning From The Master: My Dog

Sadie the three-legged wonder dog, and resilience. In January…

Spirit Activation: Before and After

Okay Spirit, you are officially activated! This is my first…

Dark Night of the Soul

I don't recall when I first heard the term "dark night of the…

Akashic Records On The Road

Very excited to be hitting the road this month and visiting expos…

Life is Like a Guy in Step Class

Mama always said, life is like a man in a step class. You never…

Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine or do you suffer from routine mornings? Today…

Talking Akashic Records on Web of Light

Web of Light I was recently a guest on the Web of Light Show…