Life Activations

Back in January of 2016, I received a healing called a Life Activation. I didn’t know what to expect so on a whim I made a before and after video, something that has since become standard for me.

Today, I’m sitting in a hotel room in Toronto, Ontario, Canada halfway through a week-long training called Healer’s Academy from Modern Mystery School where I’m learning to give Life Activations. This healing has been in use for over 3,500 years and it aligns you with ALL of you. Allowing for more clarity, energy, flow, creativity… it connects you with your most authentic life. You get fully plugged into Life so that you can access your full potential.

I thought better than any words I can type, I’d share my original experience below.

I’m looking for a few brave people to step up and experience this healing with special treats for the first 5 – 10 people to help get me into action with this new modality. If that interests you, just shoot me an email letting me know and we’ll schedule some time to talk more about it — no obligation:

Note – these healings take about 2 hours and can only be done in person, so I’m looking for people who can come to me in Littleton, MA.

Before My Life Activation


After My Life Activation

I can’t tell you what a life activation will do for you, but I can confidently say they work, they are powerful and your life will thank you for it.


Life Activation

A Dog Guarantees One of the Best Days of Your Life and One of the Worst

Goodbye, sweet Sadie.

Since last June my three-legged rescue dog, Sadie, has been having cluster seizures. They are grand-mal full body seizures that last about a minute but take longer for her to recover from. At first, she is so disorientated she seems blind. She’ll try to stand up only to fall back down. She walks straight into the corner of a room and tries to keep walking. She’ll be confused and shaky for a few minutes. Over the past few months, that period of confusion has gotten longer. Lately, it might be twenty minutes or even a full day for her to seem normal after a cluster of seizures (three or more).

I previously wrote about Sadie and the amazing example of resilience she is, I’ll do my best not to repeat myself here.

The seizures can be rapid fire, as many as 4 in an hour and they can be spread out over the course of a night. This week she had 8 in 12 hours. She runs the risk of slamming her head against the floor or falling down stairs. Her jaw slams shut dozens of times in each seizure, and it is a dangerous procedure to hold her safely and not get bitten.

There has been no pattern. The seizures have shown up at some point every 3 – 6 weeks since they started. She’s been to multiple vets, neurologists, and energy workers. Sadie’s had chiropractic, acupuncture, and all sorts of healings. She’s been on numerous pharmaceuticals, Chinese herbs, and more variants of cannabis oils and pastes than Cheech and Chong could imagine. Nothing has gotten the seizures under control.

In between these horrible nights and days, she is awesome. But never knowing when the seizures will come and dealing with her heavy medication list means our life centers around her. People need to be trained to watch her even for just a few hours. Once we came home and based on the disarray in the house, we could tell she’d had a seizure. We found her cowering in the closet. We did our best to make sure that never happened again, and to the best of our knowledge, it never did.

We’ve been prepared to put her down multiple times but then she’s been fine, and we relented. But I knew if the seizures weren’t going to be controlled, we couldn’t go on this way. Being afraid to leave the house, not taking trips, needing people to say at our house even if we both went away for a day. And the toll it takes on Sadie has grown. It can now be days before she seems back to normal after a rough night of six seizures or more.

Yesterday morning, after a night of seizures, beginning at 1:30 am that continued till 2:30 pm my wife came to me sobbing. She’d hit the wall and couldn’t do this any longer. The night before as I held Sadie during three different seizures in an hour, I felt we’d done all we can do, and it was time to put her down.

So life will get a little easier and much harder at the same time. We won’t have our bounding Tigger of resilience. When I first picked Sadie up at the dog shelter, I felt that we wouldn’t have her that long. Six was the number that kept coming to me. But we’ve lost her just shy of having her for five years, and almost ten months since her unexplained seizures started, a night we thought she wasn’t going to live through. She made it through more than sixty seizures, but enough is enough.


My wife and I came to react so calmly to the seizures. I’d wrap Sadie in a waterproof blanket and hold her down while Lori ran for the acute seizure meds that were meant to stop them. The seizure was often the easy part; after one while, blinded she would fight with all her strength to get up and away, but when she did, she slammed into doors and walls. It was heartbreaking. Usually there was a period of joy when she recognized us again, often as if seeing us for the first time in weeks. But on her final day, that joyful period didn’t happen. The worse thing about it was that there was nothing we could do. We sought out and followed the advice of so many experts. Yet the seizures continued.

Sadie Close UpSadie was teaching me resilience all along the way. It wasn’t only regarding her living life fearlessly with three legs instead of four. She gifted me the lesson of accepting what you don’t know and can’t control. I kept pleading and searching to know what caused this and what we could do. On her final night, in between seizures, I prayed. I asked for Sadie to be healed and for the seizures to be done for good. It wasn’t the way I desired, but they are now done for good.

I know we gave her a fantastic life while she was with us and she added such a roller coaster of emotions to our lives – far more, for good and bad, than I ever thought a dog could offer. There will be no more homemade dog food, no more mixing of medicines and supplements into her food, no more trying to find what treats she’ll take her twice daily medications with, no more pee stained rugs and furniture.

But, who will eat the tree branches that fall in the yard? Who will chase away all the wild turkeys? Who will play three-legged dog soccer with me? Who will pee and drool all over me in their seizures? Ok, I won’t miss that last one, at some point.

Now I will sob for a few hard days. I’ll wander around the house looking for her. I’ll notice the drool stains on the walls and windows from her last seizures. Eventually, I’ll realize life has gotten a little easier; all be it emptier.


See Sadie’s love of sticks and snow.

Astral Travel – and Away We Go!

Astral Travel Time

This past weekend I took part in a two-day Astral Travel training class with the Modern Mystery School in Boston. I’ve heard of Astral Travel for many years, and I think I’ve done it to some extent in some other programs I’ve been part of, but I don’t recall many benefits to doing ot except for it being kinda cool. Astral Travel is leaving your body and venturing off into the cosmos.

One of the many cool things I learned is that we all astral travel every single day. Our dreams, daydreams and similar experiences are our consciousness cavorting on the astral plane.

My favorite thing about programs with the Modern Mystery School is how experiential their classes are, and this indeed was no exception. Some of my experiences were peaceful and relaxed while others were incredibly powerful and moving, bringing a mix of laughter and tears.

If you want to take your time and learn right along with me, check out each video below. I did before and after videos each day.
If you just want to laugh at me, go straight to Day 1: After.
Both videos on Day 2 do the best job of explaining Astral Travel, including details of my most amazing experiences and visiting my ancestral hall.


I learned that Astral Travel can be incredibly powerful and healing. I also learned that is NOT your soul leaving your body, but rather your consciousness venturing beyond your body. I will definitely be making use of this modality going forward in my life.

My Kabbalah journey lasts through October and this May I’m headed to the Modern Mystery School mothership in Toronto for a week-long healer’s program. The mysteries continue.

Galactic ActivationLearn more at:

Venturing into the Unknown

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work.

Today I begin a 10-month personal growth program called Universal Kabbalah. I don’t know much about it, which is how I like to roll into new explorations of my self. I do know that Kabbalah is rooted in Jewish mysticism and most people might never have heard of it before Madonna started studying it in the 1990s.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. On a literal level, the word Kabbalah means “receiving.” Studying this knowledge empowers us to improve our lives by discovering our purpose, and achieve the lasting fulfillment we are meant to receive. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty sweet to me.

Universal Kabbalah is the version taught by the Modern Mystery School. I became an Initiate in the Modern Mystery School in March of 2016 and learned numerous tools and techniques that I use on a daily basis. Regarding Kabbalah, the mystery school removed the most strictly religious aspects of it to make the core wisdom available to people of all faiths. It is more of a metaphysical teaching than religion, which is another reason this particular program appealed to me.

Wikipedia states:

Kabbalah’s definition varies according to the tradition and aims of those following it, from its religious origin as an integral part of Judaism, to its later Christian, New Age, and Occultist/western esoteric syncretic adaptations. Kabbalah is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal, and mysterious Ein Sof (infinity) and the mortal and finite universe (God’s creation). While it is heavily used by some denominations, it is not a religious denomination in itself. It forms the foundations of mystical religious interpretation. Kabbalah seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence, and various other ontological questions. It also presents methods to aid understanding of the concepts and thereby attain spiritual realization.

While the Modern Mystery School describes their flavor as:

The Universal Kabbalah is the purest form of metaphysical study available on this planet. Focused on understanding the fundamental basis of all creation, it’s goal is to reveal the purpose of our existence and to give us tools for reclaiming our birthright as co-creators on this planet. Through this study we come to the realization of who and what we are, fulfilling the ancient decree: Know Thyself!

Kabbalah is focused around The Tree of Life, which is the blueprint of one’s entire being. In ascending the Tree, the design of life itself is explained and influenced so that we can entirely transform ourselves inside and out. Kabbalah isn’t merely philosophy; there are practical techniques and applications for daily life.

Again, this is what I’ve been told and read. I have not yet had my own experience to agree or disagree, but I’m very much looking forward to my experience over the course of the program. Many people take this program over and over, right now I’ll settle for getting through it once.

I know quite a few people who have gone through this 10-month program. Many have described it as painful and horrible while the ends results are breathtaking, healing and powerful.

The most common metaphor is “crossing the abyss.” I’m going through it with my wife, which I’m told can make it more horrible and also more beneficial. So we’ve got that to look forward to.

I’ll take one more deep breath before I dive into the abyss. I’m sure I’ll share some updates along the way. Stay tuned.

Learn more at:

How Are You Treating Yourself This Holiday Season?

In this joyous, fun, celebratory season, have you been thinking about yourself?

Goodness, NO, that would be selfish!

Are the thoughts that you think about yourself even thoughts worth having? Are you treating yourself at least as well as you would a stranger?

How do you talk about yourself? How do you talk to yourself?

Are YOU on your gift list?

The words we speak out loud and in our heads carry a lot of weight. Transforming that weight into something uplifting begins with awareness. With the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi is out — and it is fantastic! Today is an excellent time to explore one of Yoda’s favorite words: Try. Yoda’s famous line is. “Do or do not. There is no try.”

He’s right. Which is why I do my best not to say I’m trying, I try, or I tried. Try is always a lie. You are either doing something or not. If you are doing it and saying that you are trying – you don’t own your actions. You are denying responsibility and playing small.

If you aren’t do anything but say you are trying, you are lying to yourself. Accept that you aren’t doing anything and decide to take action or not, but don’t keep lying about how hard you’re trying.

I’ve replaced “I’m trying” with “I’m doing the best I can.” I invite you to use that too.

Another technique to raise your awareness is to say something new in response to “Thank you.” Instead of responding with a well trained, “You’re welcome” or a grunt, why not say “My pleasure.” Such a response might be enough of a change to make both parties stop and receive the appreciation.

Our thoughts create our experiences. Everything is energy. Everything around you was first energy. It existed only in someone’s mind, but someone believed in their inspiration and took action on those thoughts.

I can be my inspiration. I can also be my judge and jury. One of those feels a LOT better than the other I assure you.

So to wrap this gift up; don’t neglect yourself this holiday season. Make sure that you are on your gift list. In addition to any tangible presents you get, give yourself the gift of increased awareness of your repetitive thoughts. Do your best with noticing how often you say you’re trying. Are you honestly taking action or not?

Put “my pleasure’ into your repertoire and begin to feel all the times you are thanked and appreciated.

Most of all, be good to yourself.