Sometimes you need to kick your own ass

Life is awesome! But sometimes you need to kick your own ass.


I woke up this morning feeling a bit down, not wanting to get out bed. I even had some of my oldest, draining thoughts – “why bother?” “is any of this worth it?” A few years ago this was what I normally woke to, it is only because it is now so rare that it stuck out to me.

I made myself get up and felt a little better. I shared how I was feeling with my wife. I began my normal rituals of journaling and affirmations… but today I needed more.

I ran up and down my hallways proclaiming how much I love myself and life. I did this until my mood and energy matched what I was proclaiming. I thought of trying to capture it on video, but I would have needed a full film crew as I was literally racing through my house and screaming positive affirmations. My dog, Sadie, even joined in.

Then I was off to the gym for an hour of Combat class – which I adore. It is such a great release and keeps me energized all day. I got home feeling great but then a bit of… “now what?” crept in. I received notification of a new client and thought “Oh no…” I had to catch myself and say, “hold on you, what is that crap about?” No matter how many people I help, coach, teach and serve… I still sometimes get this “Oh no… I can’t help this person,” or “I’ve got no idea what to do with that person.” It is the fear of the unknown. Perhaps no matter how many times I face the unknown, that little bit of fear will always be there. As long as I don’t water that seed, I’m fine.

As the day unfolded I was communicating with clients, took part in my first Google Hangout interview, scheduled two clients for tomorrow, and suddenly I realized – without needing to give myself a jump-start or “acting as if” any longer — I am LOVING today. I’ve got exactly what I want happening.

It is only after working with great coaches and mentors that I’ve got the skills to be able to kick my own ass when needed. Today it was needed.Kick Your Own Ass

In order to be the best you can be for others, you must first be the best you can be for yourself. It may sound selfish, but it is actually selfless. If I’m gonna let myself mope around and focus on what isn’t going right in my life, how can I possibly be of any service to someone else?

Most days waking up eager to start my day is easy. It is easy because I know what to do on the days that it is hard.

I do love my life! But sometimes I still need to kick my own ass to get it started. And this is okay. That is better than okay, that is life.

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