Sharing With Andy

Welcome to another episode of Sharing With Andy. We are on a roll with episode #2.

This video was prompted by a recent email exchange with my coach. Yes, I have a coach. A few of them in fact.
Beware of snarkiness. 🙂

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  1. Vee
    Vee says:

    Andy, I enjoyed Sharing With Andy. For me, it’s almost like having you in my living room which is wonderful since I live so far away and don’t see you or Lori enough. You were spot on with this video. It’s hard to be open to criticism of any kind but if you can take a private moment and think it through, well, damn if they weren’t right! And I have an urge to be snarky often and work so hard to control that. It never furthers your cause, does it.

    Continue with your good work Andy and know that it’s appreciated by those of us that are tech challenged and not on computers much.
    Love, Vee


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