Great Books and Free Call with Stanislov Grof

I’ve read many powerful books that helped open my mind and break me out of the habitual negative, depressive thoughts I was so used to. I’ve created a Pinterest Board of my favorite books, Life Changing Books. This list will continue to grow and only includes books I’ve read in their entirety (usually multiple times).
I’m not listing ones that others rave about but I’ve yet to read or any of the many great books that I still have a bookmark in as they were never completed.

The most healing and sometimes mystical experiences I’ve ever had came from Holotropic Breathwork. I’ve done Holotropic Breathwork six times over the last four years. Two of those times were with the creator of the process, Stansilov Groff. Stan is doing a free Teleseminar on
Tuesday, May 8, at 12:00 PM US Pacific Time | 3:00 PM Eastern.

No time on Tuesday? Sign up today and listen to it later at your convenience.

Register free at I’ll be checking it out.

The subject of the Teleseminar is 2012 and Human Destiny: End of the World or Consciousness Revolution?

Words from Stan in an article he has written on this subject:

“[We] … are clearly involved in a dramatic race for time that has no
precedent in the entire history of humanity. What is at stake is
nothing less than the future of humanity and of life on this planet.
Many of the people with whom we have worked saw humanity at a critical
crossroad facing either collective annihilation or an evolutionary
jump in consciousness of unprecedented nature and dimension. Terence
McKenna put it very succinctly: ‘The history of the silly monkey is
over, one way or another’ (McKenna 1992). We either undergo a radical
transformation of our species or we might not survive.

“The final outcome of the crisis we are facing is ambiguous and
uncertain; it lends itself to pessimistic or optimistic
interpretation and each of them can be supported by existing data. If
we continue the old strategies, which in their consequences are
clearly extremely destructive and self-destructive, it is unlikely that
modern civilization will survive. However, if a sufficient number of
people undergoes a process of deep inner transformation described
above, we might reach a stage and level of consciousness evolution at
which we will deserve the proud name we have given to our species: homo
sapiens sapiens and live in a new world that will have little
resemblance to the old one.”

Please join me for this special event, bringing the focus of our collective consciousness to this crisis/opportunity of historic proportions.

Register free at

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