Talking About Suicide

I recently discovered a powerful website,, working to remove the stigma of suicide attempts by allowing people to openly share their stories. The site was created by Cara Anna, a journalist and suicide attempt survivor, and has dozens of frank, open discussions about depression, suicidal thinking, suicide attempts and what comes after.

I discovered energy work after decades of battling with myself; my feelings of depression, hopelessness and suicidal thinking. It was only after multiple suicide attempts that I began to think maybe there is a better way, maybe I am supposed to be alive. Since I first started sharing my story publicly in 2010, my goal has been to be as open, transparent and authentic as I can be, in an effort to help others in that much emotional pain that they are thinking about ending their lives to realize there is always another way and that life indeed does get better.

My discussion with Cara went well over an hour and you can read the full interview here.

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