What Do You Exaggerate?

Do you tend to emphasize or exaggerate the negative in your life? The things that aren’t so good?
What if we all decided to exaggerate the good stuff?

Wow! I even did it in the video. I said “it wasn’t the best week.”
It was an AWESOME week! I heard from so many of you, I taught my Energy Tools To Rock Your Life class, I was interviewed for this great suicide attempt survivor site, LiveThroughThis.org and I was even asked to be part of a show on Hay House Radio to talk about my dog, Homer.

What are you choosing to emphasize? Share it here, good or bad, raise your own awareness by sharing with others.

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  1. Denise Carey
    Denise Carey says:

    You are such a transparent person…sure wish I could make those classes! Thanks for this message…I also struggle with all or nothing thinking and have been in that dark place…in fact I had a bit of it last week myself….you are so right…let’s exaggerate the positive. However,,,your video just shows how growth happens…
    You know unless we step back a little…turn around if you will we can’t really see how far we have come. This little step back and all we will have in the future is VERY positive indeed…because now we can SEE them and we only become more aware.
    Thanks so much for your honesty and giving me yet another POSITIVE way to view the “not so positive”….YOU ROCK!!!

  2. Lisa LaPlante
    Lisa LaPlante says:

    Take that frown and turn it upside down! Great work Andy! You’re right… we all have potholes in our days, and weeks and journeys. It’s important to step right out of that puddle when we can, and find a sunnier spot – lift our face to the light.

    So proud of you and happy for your sunnier spot right now!

  3. Sheree
    Sheree says:

    Watching YOU always raises my vibration Andy & you always seem to put things into an easy and gentle perspective. Namaste’

    And can’t wait to see you at the Angel Fair 🙂


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