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Learn More About Essence Coaches

I’ve recently joined with a group of fellow graduates of the Enwaken Coaching System to launch EssenceCoaches.com.  I encourage you to visit the site and enter your name and email to receive some downloadable meditations. There is also a forum where you can engage the coaches and get support or share your wins.  You can also […]

Great Books and Free Call with Stanislov Grof

I’ve read many powerful books that helped open my mind and break me out of the habitual negative, depressive thoughts I was so used to. I’ve created a Pinterest Board of my favorite books, Life Changing Books. This list will continue to grow and only includes books I’ve read in their entirety (usually multiple times). […]

“Energy Tools To Rock Your Life” Workshop April 5, 2012

Join me for my premiere workshop, “Energy Tools To Rock Your Life” on Thursday April 5, 2012 at Heaven on Earth in Pembroke Ma. Register Online CLICK HERE Do you ever feel scattered, disconnected or scared to take the next step in your life? Imagine being centered, focused and excited about your journey. Do you ever feel disempowered, […]


This is one of the simplest, easiest tools for giving yourself or another person love and forgiveness. Four short phrases that you can use in limitless ways such as a mantra, prayer, journaling, affirmation, sing it… There are many versions of Ho’oponopono songs out there, this beat box version is my favorite –  http://youtu.be/a7BScD7xgsI You […]