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You’ll Rarely Know Your Impact

You’ll Rarely Know Your Impact Which is why it is even more important to leave your mark. Over twelve years ago, I posted a short video called “The Best Way To Die.” I chose that name because I had repeatedly searched for that phrase for years. I uploaded it to a YouTube account I no […]

Life Activation Anniversary!

Happy Life Activersary to Me! I am very excited today because it is the seventh anniversary of my Life Activation. It is my seventh life activersary! I want to thank Shawna Pelton, who activated me, Jordan Bain, who became my guide, and founder Gudni Gudnason of the Modern Mystery School for making this available to […]

Auric Region Series Healing

My Experience with a new healing, Auric Region series. I first shot a before-and-after video when I received my Life Activation in January 2016. Now, it’s become a staple whenever I have a new healing experience. This week I had the first of ten sessions making up the Auric Region Series from the Modern Mystery […]

“You’re Just Like Your Father!”

Did you hear, “You’re just like your father!” often when growing up? Was it ever meant as a compliment? Was it always a put-down? Was it said sarcastically, with anger, with love…? Being told we are just like our father was rarely meant to be a good thing for many men I’ve met. My parents […]