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“You’re Just Like Your Father!”

Did you hear, “You’re just like your father!” often when growing up? Was it ever meant as a compliment? Was it always a put-down? Was it said sarcastically, with anger, with love…? Being told we are just like our father was rarely meant to be a good thing for many men I’ve met. My parents […]

55 Things I’m Grateful For

55 things I’m grateful for that would’ve surprised me at age 25. July 1st was my birthday, and I wanted to do something to celebrate living another year other than complain and lament it. I don’t know when society shifted from admiring older people to worshipping youth. The only alternative to living longer is no […]

To All The Good Men of The World

Father’s Day is one of those days that seems to upset as many as joyously greet it. Some people have lost their fathers or are estranged from them. Some never met their fathers, and many adult men aren’t dads themselves. But whether we are close to them or not, we all had a father. Even […]

The Interview That Ended My Policy of Always Saying Yes

For years, I’ve had a standing policy of saying yes to every opportunity to speak. After dropping out of college to avoid a mandatory public speaking class, I’ve since agreed to be on everything from public access television to CNN and ABC’s Nightline, along with countless podcasts, radio shows, and internet programs. That has come […]