Powerful Affirmations and How To Put Them To Use!

200 Powerful Positive AffirmationsI am a big fan of affirmations. Positive affirmations to be exact. They can be great tools to get us off our never-ending train of negative automatic thinking.

I’ve recently published my first eBook, 200 Powerful Positive Affirmations and 6 Simple Tips to Put Them to Work.

200 Powerful Positive Affirmations actually contains more than 200 uplifting affirmations. This collection includes my personal favorites–the ones that helped me overcome years of pessimistic thinking, depression, and suicidal thoughts.
The affirmations are broken down into six categories for easy reference:
  • All-Purpose Affirmations
  • Abundance/Wealth Affirmations
  • Career/Success Affirmations
  • Growth/Spirituality Affirmations
  • Health/Wellbeing Affirmations
  • Relationship/Love (self and others) Affirmations

Beyond a collection of positive affirmations, this book shares six easy-to-apply tips that I’ve used in my turnaround, including; Freestyling, Rituals and many suggestions for creating time for your affirmations. Plus there are Super Chargers such as the power of “I AM” and Mirror Work.

One of the reasons I love affirmations so much is that anyone can use them. Much like meditation, anyone can give it a try. They are free. In keeping with that low cost of entry, the eBook is priced at only 99 cents at Amazon.

Do not underestimate the power of working with affirmations. 200 Powerful Positive Affirmations and 6 Simple Tips to Put Them To Work (For YOU!) shows how to get the most from your affirmation work, how to make it fun and maintain it as a lifelong supportive habit.


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