I Release All That I No Longer Need

“Releasing” and “Letting Go” are terms that are tossed about often in personal growth circles, but perhaps you wonder how exactly do I do that?

Well I came across a great Facebook post this morning from author Lisa Michaels. It spoke to me, I acted on it and it felt great.

Here it is

Oct 17 • Leo Moon (Fire) • Libra Sun (Air). What needs to be released into the fire of transformation for you to expand into your next level of radiant leadership? Is there some aspect of yourself sabotaging the collective manifestation power of your entire inner creation team?

Check in with yourself about what needs to be released. Write down the messages you receive in your journal. And then dance to actively release that old energy internally. Here’s a good piece of music to do a release dance to http://youtu.be/bafvarg08lM.

Once you’ve done your releasing. Connect to the strength of your WILL. Fire teaches you about the power of your will applied to your actions. Determination, energy, and a fixed purpose help you move forward in alignment with your desires, and stay on a focused course.

When using Fire, you must do it in a balanced manner. Misaligned or overused will can prove harmful or keep you stuck in a situation you are ready to move past. Learning the right use of will and the right time to use it, and doing so in alignment with the Divine, provides a core Fire path teaching.

Ask yourself how you need to apply your will to your manifestations today. Where do you need to apply the fire of your will to take right aligned action to bring your highest priority creations into being?

Write what the guidance you receive about your applying your will in your journal then take action.1780700_851775824867184_2156868016390874177_n

Give thanks to your inner Fire and the warmth of the Sun.

Fire, you are a wonderful teacher.

You help me learn to walk in balance, honoring the sacred in the light and in the darkness, in the outer and inner realms.

Thank you of teaching me ways to live a dynamic, powerful, and passionate life from my radiant core.

I lovingly express my gratitude for your spark of life and for being the fuel for my growth.

Blessed Be.

From Natural Rhythms: A Sacred Guide into Nature’s Creation Secrets

Have an amazing fired-up day, Lisa

To encourage you do this yourself and to be as open as possible, here is my list. Perhaps some things will surprise you. Perhaps you think I must have gotten rid of these long ago. Those are the very thoughts I found myself thinking. Releasing energy that no longer serves us is a multi-layered process. I often find myself releasing, seemingly, the same thing because there are depths to it and at any given time we can only release what we are willing to.

Fear that I’m not good enough.
Belief that I need someone to save me.
Thoughts of lack and competition.
That I’m weak. That I want to hide out and not be seen.
Doubts that I’m powerful or capable.
That I’m broken, flawed, or a mess.
That I need to please everyone.
That I need everyone to like me.
What others think of me is more important than what I think of me.
That I need more classes.
That I need to do it all myself.
That I can only ask for what I want in my most desperate moments.
Fear of action. Fear of risk. Fear of stepping out.

Then I danced, sobbed, laughed and let it all go to this great track http://youtu.be/bafvarg08lM.

Most importantly I feel great!

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  1. Vatsala Shukla
    Vatsala Shukla says:

    A very interesting post, Andy, which can help us to let go of the beliefs that hold us back from being our True Selves. I do something similar but with my feelings as I interact with many people during the course of the day and as a sensitive person, often pick up the unsaid vibes. When that happens, I release the feelings that I have picked up as a part of my prayers before going to sleep. Thanks for sharing an insightful post.

    • Andy Grant
      Andy Grant says:

      I used to really struggle with taking on the feelings of other people without realizing it. I love exploring different ways to release – we have so many options. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us, Vatsala.


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