To All The Good Men of The World

Father’s Day is one of those days that seems to upset as many as joyously greet it. Some people have lost their fathers or are estranged from them. Some never met their fathers, and many adult men aren’t dads themselves.

But whether we are close to them or not, we all had a father.

Even if we never met him, and we all know fathers.

I am not a father, and mine is no longer with us, so I celebrated Father’s Day by taking one of my favorite dads to lunch. Demetri Albizu’s young enough to be my son but feels like a brother. I honor all the men out there living with an open heart and proving how beautiful and supportive masculinity can be.

This made me realize that for any holiday that might trigger us, make us feel sad, or focus on something we don’t have, there is also the opportunity to reach out to someone and create a new tradition. Be it Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Secretary’s Day…whatever, and look for someone you might celebrate and honor in your life.

Be good to yourselves.

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