Ultimate Energetic Entrepreneurapalooza!

Do you run your own business? Is it as successful as you desire?

If not, do you have a long list of things to blame for that?

Are you ready to take responsibility and realize that the only thing keeping you from your success is you?
I hope so. Because the best news about your business is that you are the one keeping the success you desire from you. That is great news because the only person you can really do anything about is you!

I am thrilled to announce an immersive weekend of personal growth AND business development, sponsored by Project Positive Change, called The Ultimate Energetic Entrepreneurapalooza! The weekend is hosted by myself, Lori Grant and Project Positive Change founder, Leigh Daniel.

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We’ve got business experts, entrepreneurs, coaches and more from all over the world coming together for an amazing three days over Columbus Day weekend in Andover Massachusetts. It all happens October 9 – 11, 2105 at the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center, and you are going to want to be there!

  • Work on your business and on yourself.
  • Develop business goals and strategies as well as clear your own limiting beliefs and blocks.
  • Discover your Life Purpose Profile and never look at yourself the same again!

Fast Action special pricing available now! Payment plans for this all-inclusive event are also available but only for a few weeks. Get all the details here.

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