Project Positive Change Wants You

For over a year, my wife and I have been part of an international group of heart-centered entrepreneurs and change advocates called Project Positive Change. It has brought us both new friends, clients, and numerous opportunities for business and personal growth.

This month Project Positive Change (PPC) is opening its doors for new people to join, people like you. There are a few live webinars happening this month to learn more about what PPC is all about.  There will be future opportunities to join, but never again will it be at this low introductory launch price.

The last two months alone in PPC have allowed me to do live video streams to 800+ people, take part in two online telesummits, radio shows, Blab programs and much more. If you are any sort of messenger, change agent, healer, artist… anything really, I encourage you to sign up for one of the upcoming webinars listed below.

July 11, 11am CST
July 13, Noon CST
July 14, Noon CST

Project Positive Change is currently 150 visionaries in 17 countries, and will give you opportunities to speak at events (in-person and online), contribute to blogs, communicate with 60,000+ Facebook fans, publish books, have an international network of peers, ongoing training from world-class experts, and much, much more. Feel free to reach out directly to me ( if you want to talk about PPC. You can also join directly here until July 25, then the doors will be closed.

Stop waiting to be discovered and come join in building your own platform of discovery.

Andy loves Project Positive Change


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