To Be More or Not To Be More

With all due apologies to Shakespeare, that is the real question. At least it is for me.

I already am a being. I already am being, so nothing to question there. But, am I ready and willing to be more?

One of my daily rituals is asking what my purpose is. This morning I received one of the shortest answers I’ve ever gotten. To be more.

The simplicity of that purpose felt refreshing and freeing. I’m often looking for exact things to be, actions to take, missions to be a part of. Sometimes it can leave me feeling like whatever I’ve done so far hasn’t been correct or I’ve missed my best opportunities. If I keep asking the question, I must not know my purpose.

Shine onI’ve spent what feels like a lifetime battling thoughts of not being enough. You can insert any word before enough too; young, old, thin, fat, smart, rich… With my history of tormenting, self-judgment, and depressive thinking, can I feel I’m enough to enjoy myself and my life right here and now and ALSO be willing to be more?

Can I be more of a good person, an authentic man, a loving partner, a caring friend, an open-hearted healer, an inspiring writer and speaker, a more empathic human… Can I be more of the of the Love and the Light I experience in meditation and healings? Yes. I’m sure of it.

Life is about more. Change is the only constant in life.

In working with the Akashic Records, a common message is that there is more, we are entitled and worthy of more.

  • More is good.
  • More is expansive.
  • More is progress.

The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate because we, all of us human beings, are expanding too. I don’t mean our waistlines. I’m referring to our expansive desires, thoughts, goals, and actions. So you could say that we all have a very important role; to keep being more so that the universe continues to grow.

I believe our potential is unlimited. I think we can all be more, without it being an indictment of where we are currently. Pursuing more doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with this moment. Wanting more doesn’t mean you aren’t enough right now.

The challenge, for me and many others I meet, is the willingness to do the work. To look deep within ourselves. To call ourselves out when we are choosing to be less than our best. To admit, with compassion, when we are choosing to step backward instead of forwards.

Sharing this is one way I’m attempting to step forward. I hope you’ll join me in being more of all your greatest aspects.


Akashic Records On The Road

Very excited to be hitting the road this month and visiting expos in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania where I’ll be offering mini Akashic Records Readings.

First up, I’ll be attending the Web of Light Expo in Nashua, NH on April 22 and 23.
You can get details on the Expo here.

Then, I’m traveling to the Empowered Light Holistic Expo outside Philadelphia PA.
That event is April 28 – 30. If you are in the area, come on out. Get all the details here.

Both events are full of cool speakers and vendors.

Join me in Nashua NH, or Oaks, PA


Web of Light Expo, April 2017
Empowered Light Expo Apr 27 - 28 Oaks, PA

Talking Akashic Records on Web of Light

Web of Light

I was recently a guest on the Web of Light Show talking about and demonstrating Akashic Records Readings. I’ll also be at the Web of Light Expo in Nashua New Hampshire on Saturday and Sunday, April 22 and 23, 2017. Come say hello and enjoy the many offerings including mini Akashic Records readings from yours truly.

Come out and play on Earth Day Weekend, April 22 and 23 at the Web of Light Expo, Nashua, NH
Visit for all the details

April 22-23, 2017
The Courtyard Marriott
2200 Southwood Drive
Nashua, NH

Web of Light Expo, April 2017

Hope to see you soon!

Akashic Records of My Dog, Sadie

If you’ve been following me closely you may recall that in July I had animal communicator, Diana van Trijffel-Pak do a reading for my dog, Sadie. If you don’t recall and want to get up to speed, read this.

During that session this happened – “Suddenly she (Sadie) asks if you could also do that Akashic thing for her. I tell her that I don’t know, if they are done for animals. I suppose it could be done. I tell her to pass on the request.”

Today, I finally got around to doing that Akashic thing.  When I do readings for clients it is over the phone or Skype. When I do readings for myself, it is usually silent and I write everything I’m asking and receiving. For Sadie I decided to do it on video and speak everything out loud.

Here’s what happened…


Available for In-Person Akashic Readings at The Spiritual Path

I am thrilled to announce that I’m joining the great team at The Spiritual Path with Lauren Bortolami in Mansfield, MA. I’ll be available for live, in-person Akashic Records readings (a very rare opportunity until now) on Monday evenings and remote readings via phone or Skype on Wednesday evenings.

“Flawless. I’ve had akashic readings done by various practitioners once a year and I must say, Andy’s session wasn’t only ridiculously fun, but spot on with his accuracy. I highly recommend booking a reading with Andy as I have no doubt you’ll get what you came for, and then some.” ~Nick Breau

Laruen BortolamiLauren Bortolami is a renowned psychic and medium with over 145 rave reviews online and she’s been tested and endorsed by numerous organizations. Her center, The Spiritual Path with Lauren Bortolami, is located at 281 North Main Street, Mansfield, MA. I am excited to bring my live readings and workshops to this outstanding location.

I’ll be kicking this off with a live workshop, What the Akashic Records Want You to Know, on Wednesday, June 29th at 7pm.
Come learn what the Akashic Records are and discover the information most often shared by Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. The Akashic Records contain the vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey. You can have your records opened so you may ask questions of your spiritual support team and receive insight, guidance and healing. Certified Practitioner, Andy Grant, will cover a brief background of the Akashic Records, including what the Keepers of the Records most want you to know. Andy will share the most common messages passed on to clients during sessions, information that everyone can benefit from. Brave volunteers will be able to have their records opened allowing them to ask a couple of questions live in the workshop.  Limited to 20 people.  Reserve your space by clicking on the PayPal link or by calling 508-339-8111.  Ticket cost is  $25.00 per person.

Akashic Records Want You to Know