Auric Region Series Healing

My Experience with a new healing, Auric Region series.

I first shot a before-and-after video when I received my Life Activation in January 2016. Now, it’s become a staple whenever I have a new healing experience. This week I had the first of ten sessions making up the Auric Region Series from the Modern Mystery School. Several mystery school healers I know learned this modality in November, and all raved about how powerful it was, even after only receiving shortened versions of it in their training.

The word that kept showing up for days to describe how I felt was clean. I still feel very clean and expansive five days later.

I’ll be doing one session per week for ten weeks. I don’t expect to post something each week, but I certainly will at the end of the series.

This holiday season, be sure and give yourself a gift too. It might be an item you’ve long desired, an experience, or some quiet alone time. It is entirely up to you. The point is, do not neglect the most important person in your life; you!

This holiday season, be sure and give yourself a gift too. It might be an item you’ve long desired, an experience, or some quiet alone time. It is entirely up to you. The point is, do not neglect the most crucial person in your life; you!

I also share this because, as a healer, I never stop healing. As a coach, I never stopped being coached. As a teacher, I never stop being a student. If you are ever looking for a coach, healer, mentor, or teacher, be sure they continue to receive and grow. You would never pick a dentist who wasn’t a patient of another dentist or see a doctor who thought they were beyond seeing other doctors.

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Andy Grant

Andy Grant is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, Transformational Energy Coach, Healer, and suicide prevention activist. He holds certificates in Positive Psychology, the Enwaken Coaching System, Infinite Possibilities, and more.

Andy teaches workshops ranging from energy tools to ebook publishing. He is the founder of Real Men Feel, a movement encouraging men to come out of the emotional closet. As a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, Andy knows how low we, as human beings, can feel. He is committed to helping people realize how magnificent life is meant to be.


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Spirit Activation: Before and After

Okay Spirit, you are officially activated!

This is my first blog post in 6 months. Not coincidentally, those six months were a period of withdrawal and depression triggered by financial challenges, business disappointments, physical injuries, family illness, pet illness and much more culminating in the death of my Dad in July.

Included in the many things I stopped doing in my summer of misery were daily rituals and practices I learned as an Initiate in the Modern Mystery School. I recommitted to my daily practices in early November and within days I was feeling better than I had in 7 months. To continue my rebirth, I opted for another healing called, Spirit Activation. This healing is meant to awaken the soul and the eternal blueprints of my higher mind. Results may include allowing a higher perspective, clarity of choices, and letting go of patterns for several weeks to months.

As I like to do when I’m embarking on new experiences that I can’t really describe, I’ve done before and after videos for the Spirit Activation. Enjoy!

After shooting the 3rd video and with less than 2 hours of sleep, I did indeed make it up 3,166 feet to the peak of Mt Monadnock in New Hampshire.

Mount Monadnock, 3,166' high.

It was a gorgeous, clear day and I was flooded the entire day with memories of the many times I hiked this mountain as a kid with my dad. Once, when I was about 10 years old, we flew all around the Monadnock region in a small four person plane. On that flight we saw a square dancing group dancing on the mountain peak. The next time we hiked up the mountain, I was all bummed that we were there on the wrong day as there were no dancers.

During this ascent, I even shared a few stories of my dad with strangers hiking the trail. It was very cool and I had to pause and step off the trail a few times to let my emotions flow. I could definitely tell that a lot of negative energy had been released during my Spirit Activation. I look forward to seeing how this all unfolds.

If you are interested in more of my experiences with the Modern Mystery school – check out the videos for my Life Activation and Galactic Activation.

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