Blabbing about Real Men Feel with Shawna Pelton

Last week I was the guest of metaphysical healer and coach, Shawna Pelton, on her weekly Blab show. We had a fun discussion and talked about my Real Men Feel movement and To Be A Man workshops.

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King of Authenticity

One of my absolute favorite things is doing Akashic Records readings. In fact, I’ve just gotten home from a two-day advanced class on Healing Through the Akashic Records. The work I did on myself this weekend confirmed the importance of authenticity to me, as well as how important being authentic is to all the work I do with my clients.

At the end of 2015 I was getting lots on intuitive hits, and messages in the Akashic Records, about creating programs and events for men. Out of the initial musings came a workshop I call, To Be A Man, and the phrase “Real Men Feel” which has since become a Facebook group and weekly Blab show.

What does it mean to be authentic? The definition is; not false or copied; genuine; real.

For me, being inauthentic means being afraid to be who I really am, feel what I feel, and express what I think. I now see that my inability to be authentic, to share what I felt and thought, was a root cause of my depression and suicidal thoughts while growing up.

I also see why as I step into owning and embodying my authenticity more and more that I’m called to support men more. Men are taught many things – most of them are about playing a role, putting on masks, faking it, being anything but genuine, real, and authentic. At the foundation of Real Men Feel is permission for every man to be their authentic selves. Being a “real man” doesn’t mean acting like anyone else. It means being you.

CrownThere was another term I received in my records a few months ago that I’m finally ready to own too. I hereby dub myself; The King of Authenticity. Your worship is not required, but you are certainly encouraged to follow my lead and be authentically you.

My wedding was a costume party and I was a medieval king. So even before I was consciously stepping into my authenticity, I was dressing the part.


Online Courses On Sale!

As you may know, I have a number of courses available on Udemy recently announced some major changes to their pricing and discounting. Until now many people priced courses up to $299 then offered coupons for as much as 90% off. Starting April 4th, 2016, all courses on Udemy must be priced between $20 and $50 and the maximum discount will be 50% off.

I’ve always strived to price my courses fairly and offer great value.  As of this moment, I honestly don’t know what my prices will be or if all my courses will remain on Udemy.  For the rest of March, I’ve decided to have a blowout, offering a couple of my courses for the lowest they’ve ever been.

Intro to eBook Publishing for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs can be had for $20. Dozens of students have become Amazon best-selling authors thanks to this course and it has been a tremendous value even at its highest price of $67.Intro to eBook Publishing


My Power of Gratitude course is the first one I created and has always been my favorite. This course has rave reviews from around the world and I had been planning a major overhaul of it, along with a price increase this year. For the rest of March, it is available for just $19
Power of Gratitude course


I’ve long offered my Introduction to the Akashic Records course for $7 because that is the price I got from the records. This price will no longer be possible with Udemy’s new rule in April, so this the last chance to get it at this low price.
Akashic Records Course


I hope you enjoy these course as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Clear That Clutter

It has long been a challenge for me to let go of both physical and emotional things I’ve collected over the years, but when I do give myself permission to clear the clutter within and around me, the effects are much more far-reaching than merely a neater home.

Watch the entire video to play the premiere of the new game, “Name That A-hole!”

Make some space in your life so that what you desire has somewhere to fit.

When I had cleaned up everything in my office, I noticed this one white feather remaining.

White Feather


Leap Day Energy Special

I wanted to do something special for Leap Year so decided to offer something that hasn’t been available for a while. I stopped offering single sessions of energy coaching a couple of years ago, but today only you can book a single energy reading session with me. Yesterday I made this quick video and threw it up on Facebook.

You must book the session today (Feb 29), but can schedule it anytime in March.

This is your chance to experience energy work with no long-term commitment.

Update: This offer has expired. March 1, 2016