Deep Density Detox, Part 1

This month I decided to embark on an energetic and emotional cleanse with Panache Desai known as a Deep Density Detox. It is just 8 days long with some morning and evening meditations, group calls and daily video training from Panache. When I saw the video invite to this program a few weeks ago, I was immediately in tears and knew it was something I was needing. I decided it would be cool to do a daily video. Once I started however, creating a video diary did not feel like such a cool thing, but I stuck with it.

Here are the first 4 days of my journey.

Day 1, Oct 19, 2015. Terror and wanting to be liked.

Day 2, Oct 20, 2015. I am not my stories nor am I my past experiences.

Day 3, Oct 21, 2015. Dissolving limited beliefs.

Day 4, Oct 22, 2015. Detaching from drama.

Being fully conscious – or at least attempting to be – is no pleasure cruise. I trust that my open sharing somehow serves you in your personal growth.
Be good to yourself,

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  1. Grace
    Grace says:

    Hi Andy,
    it was a pleasure meeting you at the natural living expo last weekend. I have to comment that it’s hard to be with our crazy selves and not feel crazy!;) All the emotions can become very intoxicating and you think everything is “the end” but meeting each other gives a firmness to the good things. Thank you for my Akashic reading and wish you and your lovely lady all the best 🙂


    • Andy Grant
      Andy Grant says:

      Thank you very much, Grace. The Natural Living Expo was a wonderful time and I really enjoyed meeting so many people and giving “firmness” to the good things as you said. Be well, Andy


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